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Facts About Male Patter Balding
Losing hair is a normal thing to human being. Research has shown that it is normal for human to lose fifty or above hairs on daily. One should not get worried whenever they realize that this is happening to them because there will be no changes that will be made from their scalp. However, if this happens and no hair growth is being experienced, then you need to get worried.
One can start to get worried when they realize that their hair is breaking every day and there is no growth that is taking place. If this takes place then you need to know that the condition is known as baldness. Men are more prone to baldness than in women. It is as a result of hormonal or some medical causes. Those who have no knowledge about baldness in men think that it is a stage that all have to go through and they do not know when it takes place. Balding is not experienced by all men.
Pattern balding in male is a process where a man experiences loss of hair from their head from certain parts and the scalp is left without any hair. Most men in the world have gone through this and more are expected to go through the same. Those who have experienced it are at an age above 50 years. Most people have seen this happen. It could be someone from your family who is bald or from your community. Mostly the old men.
The following are some of the causes of baldness in men.
There are those who inherit baldness. Baldness can be inherited from your family lineage. You are likely to see a family that has several members with baldness. In case you follow the baldness history, you might realize that someone down the lineage was bald. Such families will experience baldness for a long period of time.
Medication can be another cause of baldness. There are some medication that people might take and lead to loss of hair. You will not experience hair growth in case you lose your hair due to medication. A pattern is likely to be formed once you begin to lose your hair since the loss will continue forming the pattern naturally.
Hormones causes hair to break down. It is dangerous for human being to experience hormonal imbalance. Loss of hair is one of the effects that one can get from hormonal imbalance. When this happens, then one is at a risk of becoming bald. Your hair follicles will not allow growth of hair in your scalp again. It eventually leads to baldness while others might lose their hair from the whole head.

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