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Once you take a look at every child then it is them that have the right to compete in sporting events. And this is also applicable for children even with special needs. It is them that can participate in a Special Olympics. It is them that will be able to reach their goals and get that gold. Special Olympics has been a venue for special children with intellectual and physical disabilities to be able to reach their sporting goals.

Once you take a look at the Special Olympics these days then it is the one that has evolved into so much. This is due to the fact that it all just started as a summer camp for disabled children. It is this one that has become a movement to support and honor children with special abilities in sport regardless of the disabilities that they have. It was Eunice Kennedy Shriver that saw the unfair treatment of these children, especially from society due to the disabilities that they have. And because of this one, it is these children that didn’t have the chance to play sports or simply play like what other normal children are able to do. For this to be addressed, it is her that started a small summer camp program for children with disabilities. And it is this one that started the vision for a greater event. It was Shriver that believed that children with special needs are the ones that can achieve more once the society will let them. She firmly believes that every child regardless of the ability or disability deserves to be able to play either in sports or just in a usual playground.

And due to the vision that she has, it was the first Special Olympics that were held in Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois in the year 1968. It was this one that was participated by over 1000 delegates from different states as well as other countries like Canada. Once it was started, the games have developed into a worldwide event. And up to this day, these events are still ongoing with over 53,000 events that are done each year. This is the reason why you are able to see Special Olympic events in different states that are done in varying schedules. The Special Olympics is done every two years just like that of the Olympic games but have an alternate schedule to that of the Olympics.

Once you take a look at the Special Olympics then it is the one that has reached different corners of the world. You are now able to see around 4 million athletes that came from 170 countries. It is also the Special Olympics that cater to both summer and winter sports. Despite the fact that the games are done as a form of competition, its main goal is interaction and acceptance from people especially for children with special needs. With the increasing popularity that the Special Olympics have, it has steadily gained support and recognition. It is this one that shows the importance of sports in the overall mental and physical health of not just the participants but everyone.

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